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Meet the team

Championing Private Member Golf Clubs across the UK and Ireland since 2018

Jane Carter

My passion is supporting golf clubs of all sizes but particularly those run by volunteer members. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it and whilst committee led golf clubs have their challenges and their critics, they are vital to the success and growth of the UK golf industry.

“A golf club should thrive, not just survive”

I am delighted to be working with my friend, Eddie Bullock on ChairNetwork creating the largest network of private golf club directors in the UK.

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Eddie is the founder of Eddie Bullock Golf Consulting; for the past 13 years the company has worked with an impressive portfolio of clients, influencing change and driving higher performance for golf facilities focusing on individuals, boards and teams.

"Successful advice relies on deeply grounded market knowledge"

I am pleased to be working with my friend, Jane Carter on building ChairNetwork into a successful membership for private golf club directors.

Eddie Bullock

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Join the largest community of private golf club directors across the UK and Ireland.

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