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Words from our Members

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Jim Croxton
Chief Executive, BIGGA

We are delighted to be working with Chair Network and developing  greater understanding of golf course management, not just by golf club Course Directors but throughout the whole Board. There are some significant challenges facing the golf industry in the coming years, not least sustainability, and the environment. An educated and informed volunteer workforce will be crucial to the long-term future of the game.

Pat Farag
Enfield Golf Club Chairman

COVID-19 has brought both significant pressure and ongoing challenges and demonstrated how a close working relationship between both employer and employees is crucial to the long-term prosperity and survival of a golf club.

Chair Network is a peer-to-peer community allowing volunteer directors at every level to network and learn from each other.

Tom Brooke
Chief Executive, GCMA

Chair Network provides a channel directly to Golf Club Boards and their directors. Our role is to promote the value of a professional golf club manager and how a Board can work with its professional team. The GCMA supports the ambitions of Chair Network to develop an effective support network for volunteers and we are delighted to add our professional insight and that of our Members.”

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