Are we paying attention? What reasons do you give your members to play?

Updated: May 23

The results are in and Golf Participation numbers for 2021 continues to beat all records.

Whilst we should take time to celebrate the news, many know that we would be foolish to take too long. Golf clubs I am working with are already opening up membership to their waiting lists and over this year I think the queues for membership will all but disappear. Golf membership typically runs in two year cycles so golf clubs need to be alert to those members renewing this year or next.

So what have we learned over the last two years?

There is definitely a market for golf but do we sell it well enough. The trends are definitely towards social, fun and short formats and any golf club will ignore that at their peril.

We have still failed to embrace two key markets- the 25-35 year olds and women. The numbers are up but recruitment driven by a pandemic is different to retention now life is back to ‘normal.’

My top tips would be:- 1. Develop focussed retention initiatives and communication around those two keys groups and don’t just lump them into the ‘members’ category

2. Think about the number of playing formats you offer. Embrace 9-12 hole golf- especially midweek- and promote it

3. What reasons do you give members (or visitors!) to play? If it’s putting on another competition then think again!

In the marketing group on ChairNetwork, we will be debating what initiatives work and don’t when reaching out to these two key audiences are the future of the game. Interested to hear what is working in golf clubs around the world and other industries?

Join the conversation over in the ChairNetwork App:

  1. Are we targeting new members effectively?

  2. What are we doing to retain our members and ensure membership renewal?

  3. How do we embrace social, fun and shorter courses?

  4. How do we effectively reach the younger 25-35 year old market?

  5. How are we effectively marketing towards women?

  6. What do we need to improve / evolve to welcome the key markets of 25-35 year olds and women golfers?

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