Getting tougher with golf group bookings?

One of the best measures of whether a golf club is in for a successful season or not is the number of group bookings at key times of the year. I encourage golf clubs to review in September/October ready for the year ahead and again in April, understanding what capacity we have for the latter part of the year from September onwards.

We are already noticing trends. Groups sizes seem to be increasing from pre-pandemic levels. My guess is many of the new casual golfer recruits are looking for organised golf to get their monthly ‘fix’. Many golf club are now insisting on pre-booked food options within their society packages due to the cost of food and staffing.

We have also introduced stricter payments terms. So many golf clubs quote a rate based on a certain number only to find it's well below that on the day when they are still collecting the balance of payments. We now insist on all monies being paid in advance. 50% of the number quoted is on deposit, 35% two weeks ahead and the balance five days before. If the numbers go down then the unit price goes up. This is long overdue and another ‘benefit’ of the pandemic.

People are understanding that businesses need to plan ahead and they need to pass that message onto to their parties. The leisure sector has really embraced pre-booking and cancellation t&c’s and golf clubs need to do the same. Its not easy for golf group organisers so let’s make sure we look after them!

Questions to think about:

  1. Are we looking after golf club organisers?

  2. Are we seeing tougher measures on golf group bookings?

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  1. Are we targeting new members effectively?

  2. What are we doing to retain our members and ensure membership renewal?

  3. How do we embrace social, fun and shorter courses?

  4. How do we effectively reach the younger 25-35 year old market?

  5. How are we effectively marketing towards women?

  6. What do we need to improve / evolve to welcome the key markets of 25-35 year olds and women golfers?

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