Supporting New Recruits - Is the Industry really to blame?

There seems to be an astonishing number of vacancies for some top jobs in the UK golf industry. Golf club managers seems to be on the move but for many it’s a move into retirement or outside the industry. Many have “had enough” and the last two years seem to have been the final straw. Many of the roles are at private member golf clubs, committee run and ‘led’ by a team of volunteers.

In all my 30 years within the industry, there is no doubt the conflict of thinking between volunteer directors and professional staff is at the heart of many club issues. The volunteers don’t value the staff; the staff don’t respect the volunteers and on it goes. The industry needs to take some of the blame. Poor recruitment and lack of training and education means some golf clubs have had some awful experiences with employing managers, green keepers and PGA Professionals.

“He/She is no good”.

“We don’t know where they spend their time. It can’t be that hard”.

When a relationship has broken down, the list goes on and no wonder HR Consultants are rushed off their feet currently.

Recruitment is too based on cost rather than experience and too often the cheaper option is the favoured one because it’s not “that hard”. Promoting an administrator into a general manger role has been a favourite move in recent years and whilst I am sure there are some who have risen to the challenge, there are others who have struggled and continue to do so.

Ongoing support for employees either from the recruitment company, a nominated director or an outside NED at least 12 months after recruitment would go along way to spotting the early signs, providing some encouragement and guidance and frankly recognising if you have got it wrong.

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  • Is the Industry really to blame?

  • Who should be accountable for supporting new recruits?

  • How do we ensure knowledge is transferred effectively amongst new recruits and even for future generations?

  • How we do retain the knowledge from those who are now leaving the industry and heading towards retirement?

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