To pay or not to pay:

A recent post on whether golf club volunteers should be paid or not provoked a good debate with most coming down on the side of the latter. But the issue of a fully engaged Board with the right skills to run a golf club is still one that the industry needs to wrestle with.

One private message from a Chairman referred to the emotional ownership that so many volunteers claim. “It’s our club and we know what’s best.” His experience that volunteers were best placed to be on the Board as they had their club’s best interests at heart was not the case- it was their own interests and those of their immediate group. Nothing provokes a slew of Board volunteers more than a proposed fundamental change to the club but are they there for the right reasons?

They had recruited a paid non-executive director- but whose suggestions and motives were then constantly questioned not by the members but by other Board volunteers. In his opinion, the best recruits do exist within the club membership but persuading them to stand was another matter. They are now approaching Board recruitment in the same way as paid staff.

A package of ‘Member director’ benefits and rewards in return for their accountability, skill and time. Fundamental to the success of this approach is the club’s strategic plan which all will be asked to sign up to. Their role in its implementation will be transparent including responsibility for meeting targets- financial and otherwise.

Any other golf club boards trying this semi-professional hybrid approach?

It would be interesting to hear of their success- and challenges!

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