What do your members really think?

Is your golf club Board really representative of your membership? I know how hard it can be to recruit anyone to volunteer as golf club director but ensuring that you are hearing from all member groups and not just the few is crucial to the decision-making process.

Golf clubs are dedicating a place at the board table for members with less than two years at the club. Their job is to bring fresh eyes and a different perspective to the conversation “we’ve always done it that way.

It doesn’t have to be the same person each time. Invite a new member along to every meeting to listen and understand how the club is run.

Members of all ages and genders should also be represented in the decision making. One golf club I know has a social group made up of under 30s. As you can imagine, their social events on and off the golf course are usually very different!

Even the food and beverage offering has changed beyond recognition. “We’ve always done it that way” is the enemy of every private members’ club and navigating change a Chair and the Board’s biggest challenge.

Having the insight from within all areas of a golf club membership can provide a massive boost of confidence to a Board weighed down by resistance to change. Next time you’re round the Board room table, stop and check whether ‘all’ of your members are having their say!


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