Where will golf feel the cost of living impact?

It was great news on the 2021 participation figures with golf club membership up massively on pre-pandemic levels. However, I am already starting to sense a certain nervousness around maintaining those numbers.

This is a crucial time for many golf clubs with April still the most popular time for membership renewal. And it will be interesting to see how they are all faring. The cost of living crisis is dominating the headlines. Companies such as Netflix and Amazon have already seen a drop in streaming subscriptions numbers as disposable income takes a hit. Will golf club membership be spared?

My prediction is membership is ‘safe’ for now as they are converted. (although second year renewals is always one to watch) So where do golf clubs need to be focussing to minimise any impact to their business? In my view it’s that spare capacity, away from the Saturday morning peak time demand and for many golf clubs there is still plenty of it. Disposable income is what pay for green fees and that society day out and they may well come under pressure in the months ahead….not forgetting the impact of the weather!

Clubs need to be keeping a careful eye on the numbers- player frequency, tee time utilisation and green fee yield being my golden three- but so many don’t until it’s too late. Where is the focus on your golf club revenue this year?

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  1. Are golf clubs safe from the rising living crisis?

  2. Where do golf clubs need to focus to minimise impact to their business?

  3. Where is the focus on your golf club revenue this year?

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